Social Media and the Rise of the Opinion ‘Haters’

Stop Abusing the Term 'Hater'
Stop Abusing the Term ‘Hater’

With the internet now an established reality in our every day lives, and with this macro development of the internet in to lives both public and private, not to mention business and entertainment. We have also seen the growth of a new on-line phenomenon, the rise and rise of social media. Social media is undeniably ubiquitous and it dominates our social and private lives in the same way the internet does, indeed arguably it has become a necessary addition to the way we live our lives. But it is also self-evident to the point of being a tautology to say that the internet and social media in having brought many positives to our lives and a big plus in its favour, has also tagged in with it certain negatives, its dark underbelly as it were. Continue reading

Blog Follows A Warning

No political correctness
No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I would throw up this health warning about my blog, so here it is. Please folks if you wish to follow my blog please make sure you want to do that, by first reading through my blog and getting acquainted with the content, for it may not be to your liking. I do not hold back in my opinions and am very unapologetic about this,  indeed I am far from being politically correct. You have been warned and I won’t apologise for you being offended, nor will I be held responsible for your being potentially perceived as being in any way loosely associated with my blog through your click on the follow button, that was your choice and your decision.

Also if you do proceed to follow I will reciprocate in kind so again make sure this is the kind of blog you wish to be viewed as following. Again I am not responsible for the perception of your reputation either here or elsewhere, consider my Blog as being Not Safe For The Easily Offended (NSFTEO.)

‘If you was expecting something more positive, more feel good, then really you’re reading the wrong kind of blog’ (Me.)


Zemanta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I’d been away from blogging for over a year upon my  return to blogging I’d noticed some irritating changes to WordPress, changes which I didn’t like. That change was Zemanta no longer being a part of the features, a feature which I’d used a lot in the past. Why Zemanta, simply because I like it as a feature, because it is easy to use and provides a useful tool to the kind of blogging that I do. Anyway if you liked and you miss those Zemanta features here is the download link, you’re welcome :)

Please note I am an employee of Zemanta nor am I a paid up promoter. Zemanta just works for me :)



Well it’s been over a year since my last post on here and if I still have followers all I can say is that I apologise sincerely. The reason for my absence and lack of posting has been quite simply that thing called life, without going in to detail the last has been pretty much not a very good time. And in that time since my last post much has happened and continues to happen, things globally are not looking too good. So it is my intention to get back blogging.

So regards and my apologies for long term enforced absence.


R.I.P Dmr Lee Rigby

Dmr Lee Rigby
Dmr Lee Rigby

R.I.P. Dmr Lee Rigby a Father, Brother, & Son. You are & shall forever remain a hero, you did not deserve this, you shall never be forgotten, for you will always remain in the hearts of those who loved you so dearly. I can not imagine the pain that your family is going through, so public your taking so cruelly done. Dmr Lee Rigby soldier now & for time immemorial forever twenty-five. Continue reading

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