Woolwich Bystanders

Michael Olumide Adebolajo Bloodied Hands Holding a Meat Cleaver

Michael Olumide Adebolajo Bloodied Hands Holding a Meat Cleaver

Last Wednesday afternoon an atrocity took place upon the streets of London in Woolwich: in the full light of an afternoon sun two men ran down a serving soldier Drummer Lee Rigby. Their weapon of choice a car, they drove the car at Lee Rigby mounting the pavement in order to do so, knocking Lee down & immobilizing him, the cowardly scum then proceeded to hack Lee to death with their other weapons of choice knives & a meat cleaver.We have all seen those upsetting & disturbing images played out of the msm news networks on our TVs & upon the internet, we have also all had to endure an unceasing stream of lamentable & unnecessary political rhetoric, faux moralising, as well as the platitudes & faux sympathy & empathy espoused by a myriad of politicians & the self-proclaimed so-called ‘leaders’ of the so-called Islāmic community. As well as from the country’s presumptive party political ‘leaders’ mouths, such dhimmis in the political class & the equally dhimminised mewlings spewed forth by the other inter-faith apologists, all too much & sickening to hear & behold. The atrocity for no other word can adequately describe this murder took place upon a busy street, a main road which is daily traversed by road traffic & foot pedestrians upon the footpaths & road, this was/is also a main bus route, this was no back alley, but a busy main thoroughfare through a highly built up area of greater London.

Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale Being Spoken To By Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale Being Spoken To By Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

The attack was by any standard of right thinking human decency a barbaric act straight out of the middle ages. This was an affront to what is a self-proclaimed & a supposedly civilised society, as it was an affront to basic human decency. The attack took place in front of hundreds of people (witnesses), hundreds of people who witnessed the atrocity before them & yet chose not to do anything, they stood back. These people chose not to intervene, rather they chose the path of zero resistance that of a bystander*, by definition someone who is present/witness to/ at an ‘event’ yet chooses not to participate or in this case chooses not intervene to render help/aid to a victim of an obvious heinous crime. What if anything were these people thinking, I have heard all the excuses on the TV from those who were present & witnessed the event, I heard their risible excuses for their inaction & I do not find them justified, let alone credible. Those bystanders had a choice more choice than poor Lee had, their self-serving excuses simply do not hold up! Those excuses are shameful & can simply be dismissed as mere attempts at self-justification, in order to assuage their own guilt at their own failing to act as decent human beings.

I’ll admit these bystanders have angered, disgusted & insulted me, but I also feel shamed by their lack of action. For my part I do not consider those people worthy of the praise which has showered upon them by the political class & media. Even those women who did step up only did so after the event hardly a praise worthy action in of it self (more like an act of self-preservation,) is that why they have been suddenly dropped from the media focus? Because in reality there were no heroics from the crowd which had gathered to witness the slaughter & the sickening triumphalism of the killers of young Lee. Even the woefully inept & shamefully politically/ideologically contaminated msm can see that, as the msm outlets can’t spin heroism when none is present (only cowardice,) as they know in reality they couldn’t get away with it. The reality here is therefore really simple, the only hero was Lee Rigby & he was lying in a pool of his own blood in the middle of the road dead. Ultimately people only became interested in an illusion of being seen to be doing something after watching the two suspects first run Lee down, then pounce on him like animals & hack away at his body like demented butchers, & then watched as they dragged his blood soaked corpse out in to the middle of the road as if some sick trophy. Indeed I remember shouting at the telly ‘isn’t anyone going to do something’, & no one did.

Now I shall be clear I’m not saying these people could have saved Lee far from it (as those two scum were on him far too quick for that), but they could have at least intervened once it was clear what these cowardly scum bags were up to. As it became almost clear within a mere minutes (this can be confirmed when you read & listen to witness testimony available on-line, as well as to the witness accounts that were given in interviews to the msm, as well from the police own accounts.) Thus, it had become quickly apparent this was no tragic road accident, that the suspects were not rendering help/aid to someone they had accidentally knocked over in their car, when looked at critically such excuses can be dismissed for what they are, self-serving misdirection to hide their inaction. And so we are left with a maddeningly bizarre, upsetting & disturbing sight of hundreds of people casually milling about filming an atrocity with their camera phones. These were onlookers to a heinous crime, they watched & filmed as the two suspects hacked away Lee’s helpless body, and yet in all that time it occurred to no one to do anything, it occurred to no one to go & render help & aid to Lee, it occurred to no one to step up & man up. It therefore seems that those witness to this atrocity simply didn’t act, didn’t they think their inaction was wrong & to not do something was in of itself as good being an accomplice after the fact, that it was simply wrong to be a bystander? Simply then no one thought this was wrong, no one thought I should be do something to stop those animals, instead they simply stood back & filmed or just gawked acting as though this was a normal daily occurrence.

What is clear then from those images of the milling about of the bystanders gawking at an atrocity being committed before is how seemingly acquiescent they are to the fate of poor Lee. I have no doubt that their lack of action has been noted by other Islamist scum not just here in the UK but across the world, we already have told of a similar atrocity taken place in Paris France in recent days. The symbolic message of this on looking bystander is clear, here is a population who will not only not defend itself, this a population that will not raise a hand to protect any other from such a heinous crime, but will more than likely accept with quiet compliance their own fate if such is visited upon them. After all if they are not prepared to intervene for Lee they are not prepared to intervene when it comes to themselves or others around them. A significant proportion of the population can then be viewed as mere lambs to the slaughter, this a nation of  sheeple simply awaiting their fate at the hands of the dhimmi politicians & Islamists.

As for the Police response this in itself is worthy of an ‘independent’ public inquiry & parliamentary investigation but I won’t be holding my breath, these are after all the untouchables. The Police in the eyes of the Political class & media are beyond reproach (mostly because the establishment rely on them to bully us the people in to a submissive state of quiet compliance & acquiescence.) As already in the days since, politicians have heaped praise upon the ‘brave’ actions of the police, yet it took armed police 20 minutes to take action against the suspects because that is how long it took the armed response units to arrive on scene: yet Woolwich Police station is only 300 metres approx away from the scene, and it still took the local in the vicinity ‘unarmed’** police officers a full 9/10mins approx-to arrive on scene. Which means that when the police did finally arrive on scene they were actually present during the time the two suspects were parading about the road talking to passers-by/witnesses, (the Metropolitan Police own accounts confirm this.) Meaning police officers were able if they had any balls about them, an opportunity to intervene at an earlier stage in order to render aid & assistance to poor Lee had they so chosen. But those so-called police officers didn’t man up to carry out their duty & no one in the msm has bothered to ask why. So questions remain about the police inaction which do need answers; why did the local police take so long to arrive on scene? What were these Police officers doing? Why were they standing some distance back from the scene? Were the officers following orders, guidelines/procedures which prevented them from carrying out their duty? Were officers more concerned for their own safety? What were the local police doing, why did it take so long to arrive on scene? Were they hiding behind cars & bushes? We know the police were on scene ‘taking cover’, was this behind cars & bushes. Police have confirmed ‘unarmed’ officers were on scene prior to armed response, confirmations made in their statements amongst the rest of the Mets typical corporate policing BS, witnesses have also confirmed this, yet in the images thus far seen they are not present or at least not visible, so how far back were the Police & where are they? The only time we see any Police officers near the scene is when the armed officers turned up to shoot the two suspects. After which the mass of police officers already present yet out of sight descend en-mass, appearing as if seemingly out of no where from their hiding places frantically yelling out their orders to all, pushing, & moving shoving onlookers away as they begin to set up a police line & proceed to close down the scene, how brave & heroic of them.

This in my view is a complete fail by the Police to carry out what you would think would be part of their most basic duty that to protect the innocent from harm/danger (yet you can’t ignore the culture of the self-serving Police & elf n’safety guv.) What is the point of the Police if even they too refuse or are operationally unable to intervene in such circumstances? Don’t talk to me about risks, procedures & other myriad of corporate policing BS. Are not the Police supposed accept such risk taking as part of the job, do not senior police officers wax lyrically about how officers constantly put their lives on the line for us the people/communities, & for this we ought to be grateful/respectful & further lavish them with high pay & gold-plated pensions. I think the police poor response & inaction by those officers first on scene completely & utterly refutes if not outright contradicts such claims. And through the Police’s own actions or rather inaction ably exemplifies what the modern police stands for (itself as a corporate body,) completely trashing the mythos of the Police ‘working for you’ slogan, showing it up for exactly what it is pure bureaucratic-corporate, political rhetorical BS. Because when it really does matter we now know the Police are more concerned for their own lives than those they have sworn oaths to protect, & won’t by their corporate nature be there or able to be there when needed due to standing orders, police procedures/guidelines, not forgetting elf’ n’ safety first guv. Further confirming what most of us already knew about our self-important, self-righteous, inadequate, bullying & woeful police, that we can not trust the Police to do their jobs let alone carry out their duty, & not to protect us when it matters. So the next time we see senior police officers or the Police Federation demanding more money we the public now know exactly what to say to these grasping parasites of the public purse, & it goes something along the lines of…Foxtrot Oscar! Indeed they now join the ranks of the bystander. Again I ask, for what is the point of the Police if they fail to act as they have here, this to me is then another abject lesson of Woolwich & it is one I am sure hasn’t been missed by those of whom who seek to harm us all both at home & abroad.

No matter how we cut this, the immediate on-scene public non response to Lee Rigby being murdered  slaughtered, the offensive bystanding of the public & the equally shameful & offensive Police immediate response & inaction once on scene are not just shameful acts but are in of themselves worryingly disturbing. The passiveness of the bystanders was simply wrong no matter how you try to justify it or try explain it away. From the people to Police none are praise worthy as none attempted to help Lee Rigby when it mattered the most, their attitude is disgusting & sickening, it is perverse to praise such behaviour. Even post event we are still having the usual platitudes praising the community coming together after the event (easy to lay flowers, leave cards & weep,) such rhetoric clearly indicates to what was an already divided community prior to Lee Rigby’s murder. But again it is simply perverse, there was no ‘unity’ of community on that day in question, there was no ‘spirit of London’ which was self-evident. Indeed the myopia & hubris of these political rhetorical statements is all too evidently clear. They can only be preached by the deluded whom have come to believe over time in their own propaganda, not to mention their own separateness from the real world.

The murder of Lee Rigby will live long in the national psyche, it was the barbarity of the attack which will ensure that it will endure. Lee Rigby will not be forgotten, nor will his attackers ever be forgiven. Indeed I think that given time that this event will prove to be turning point in this country as there will be a blowback. We are already seeing a backlash to Woolwich, but it won’t end here with attempts at arson on Mosques & broken windows, because the root of the problem is within our divided country, within the cultural & political divides. The politics of identity, multiculturalism, immigration, Islam topics deemed off topic by our political masters and the left, between them the left of centre political class & the left’s cultural marxists with their cultural/moral relativism has so corrupted our politics. In so doing having created a vexed nightmare of contortions, & contradictions of political correctness, a political vacuüm now exists & in politics where vacuums exist these are typically filled by the extremists, & this is what is happening, & it’s been bubbling under the surface for years.

The failure of any one coming to the aid of Lee Rigby when it mattered is thus a symptom of the wider malaise within our demos & polity of all which is rotten within the UK. It is now evidently clear we are a significantly politically & culturally divided people in many parts of our country, more so than we like to believe let alone admit to, our political rot & cultural divisions run deep. The conditioning & social engineering of the people in to their cultural servile state continues apace. The people have allowed themselves to be cowed into surrendering their responsibility not only for themselves but for their neighbours & fellow-man, their bystander behaviour is nothing to be proud of neither is their behaviour representative of all of us. But unfortunately given the apparent numbers of bystanders a significant proportion of the people can no longer be counted on to do the right thing, let recognise what is the right thing. These people are nothing but sheeple & as such through their own inaction that day stand as a disgrace & ultimately whether we like it or not shame us all.

It would seem therefore that the mass of people are now so risk averse so compliant to state authority that they have become inert when faced with atrocity, nothing was done let alone attempted to act on the behalf of Lee Rigby a man, a soldier, a father left to his fate by an uncaring apathetic crowd of onlookers, who leaves behind a two-year old son who now has to grow up without his dad by his side.

* In social psychology this is termed the bystander effect

** A common misnomer as UK Police whilst not armed with fire arms per se they are indeed equipped with a metal baton stick (extendable), CS spray, & now TASERs. They also wear stab proof vests & are of course proficient in arrest & restraint procedures.

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R.I.P Dmr Lee Rigby

Dmr Lee Rigby

Dmr Lee Rigby

R.I.P. Dmr Lee Rigby a Father, Brother, & Son. You are & shall forever remain a hero, you did not deserve this, you shall never be forgotten, for you will always remain in the hearts of those who loved you so dearly. I can not imagine the pain that your family is going through, so public your taking so cruelly done. Dmr Lee Rigby soldier now & for time immemorial forever twenty-five.

Drummer Lee Rigby was a soldier, husband, father, brother & son; he leaves behind a two-year old son a son whom has been callously & cruelly deprived of his loving father, a son who will now grow only knowing of that his father loved him dearly deprived of that love in person. But who will also surely at some point in his young life will have to come terms with how his father was taken from him. I have no doubt that through all of this his loving mother & wider family will be there to guide him through such trauma, as will & of this I’m sure Lee’s regiment.

So One more for Elysium, of this there is no doubt. One more for the brave band of brothers there upon the fields of Elysium.

For there upon those fields you will find a new peace, a soldier’s peace beside your brothers, for all of time to come.

We shall remember them all
Never forgotten

Soldiers on parade upon the fields of Elysium.

Their memories never die, nor do they fade away.

Through time immemorial.

We remember their sacrifice.

Soldiers’ brave, Soldier heroes, on parade upon the fields of Elysium.

Soldiers serving in a company of heroes.

Soldier brothers bound by an oath, brothers in arms bound to serve, back together on parade upon the fields of Elysium.

Once in it together, bound by an oath to country, a duty to, of  honour, loyalty and comradeship.

Soldiers’ there on parade upon the fields of Elysium, soldiers brave,  bound together once more, those happy fellows, those lucky few.

Our Soldiers having paid an ultimate price with the supreme sacrifice, there upon a foreign field and upon a foreign shore.

In it again as the Soldiers’ now passed beyond this mortal coil.

Soldiers’ proud, together bound. Upon the fields of Elysium they now stand on parade.

Brothers bound once more, their company reformed, noble in stature & pure of heart.

Having kept true to their oaths; having held true to one another, once more standing tall & proud on the fields of Elysium.

There we see a band of brothers standing sentry tall,  in noble & purest light, there upon the fields of Elysium.

And with the warmth of Elysium’s sun at their backs, they are once more brothers together bound by an oath.

There a band of brothers now immortal; as in memory now in spirit, a company of heroes stands’ upon the fields of Elysium.

Their honour, duty, loyalty having held them in their stead: this now their reward.

An Ever lasting peace in brotherhood bound, upon the fields of Elysium.

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Update: In Defence of Sir Olly C

We are all Old Holborn: You can’t censor nor silence an idea!

In the course of putting together this blog post it came to my attention over the weekend of the Twitter storm that has blown up around the disappearance of Old Holborn. It would seem that group of Stasi-like wannabe twitters have banded to together to ‘hunt down’ (their words,) any supporters of OH. Indeed as I write they are targeting one now Chaos is Order @ Sir_ Olly_C. Sir Olly whom over the weekend has endured threats to his person, & has had his old home address plastered over the internet, with what looks like an active campaign to out his present home address is currently under way. It would therefore seem that Sir Olly is being directly targeted in a campaign of hate & harassment. This is not a legitimate, proportional or right response. This band of twitter lynch mob trolling bullies expose themselves for what they truly are a spiteful, vindictive group of haters whom are quite willing to break the law when it suits them, yet go crying to the law when they get upset with over sensitive hurt feelings, the hypocrisy & irony is all too clear.

Their wallowing whining self-pity & self-righteous manufactured offence taking is just another excuse to silence those views they don’t to like or want to see. They have brought shame to themselves, their city & their cause. They are beneath contempt. If they wish to act like a group of Stasi-esque/Nazi-esque informers of the state, then they shall be treated as such, & as such stand revealed & reviled as enemies of freedom & liberty. Their one duty is to shut the fuck up & go crawl back in to the cess pit from which they have emerged, if they can’t do this then be sure that they will stand as examples of the worst kind of human excreta.

Today I stand in support of Old Holborn, Today I stand in support of Sir Olly. I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to death your right say it! So to all those trolling bullies, that group of illiberal eternally grief-stricken, who revel & wallow unashamedly in their adopted cess pit of victimhood. You are exposed you are known, you actions & behaviour define who you are & you are the enemy within, you are a part of the problem.


As of this afternoon Old Holborn has reappeared back on the ether.

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The Disturbing And Chilling Censorship of Old Holborn

Old Holborn A Brush With The Law

Old Holborn A Brush With The Law

In Defence of Old Holborn:

Over the last few days the controversial blogger & prolific user of social media Old Holborn (OH) has been silently & chillingly been removed from the internet ether, his entire internet presence has literally been wiped! Now having read OH for some time indeed any who know of his blogging & twitting will no doubt have an inkling as to the tone & content of his musings. At their best OH can & does all too often for the authorities & other vested interest groups, hit the nail on the head with regard to the disparaging & parlous state of individual liberties in this country & how they are under constant threat & draconian limitations. At their worst his musings can be argued to have been deliberately bating toward certain groups, countries & classes, crass, nasty, rude, distasteful, his posts & his musings therein were in words provocative & confrontational. & I think that was the point, those on the left of the spectrum considered him ‘troll’, a ‘media whore’, may be-may be not. OH deliberately set out to challenge & to be controversial, not only toward authority but to individuals too, groups & so-called communities. He would grate purposefully, challenging you to think for yourself whether that was intended is of course debatable.

But his irreverence & disrespect of the status quo was all too real, a two fingers up at the constraints imposed by the social-economic & political structures & strictures which enslave the individual to the whims of the tribalists, communitarians & other collectivist twaddle shysters, forms & functions designed to subdue & consume the individual in to a mass of conformist stifling socialist mediocrity. Yet when all is said & done he did put his money where his mouth was, he had brushes with the law, he organised an annual march against Parliament, indeed he stood for election to that pit of venality. How many of us bloggers can say we put our heads above the parapet & stood firm on our principles in such an obvious & public way. So he kept his identity secret that was his right, doesn’t detract from his core message, well at least it ought not if you have your critical thinking cap on. But even here his privacy was to be denied to him as his identity was exposed on the internet for all see friends & enemies a like, very chilling very disturbing. From what I am aware OH had also received death threats before he was disappeared from the ether & of course no mention of plod investigating those alleged death threats.

At this time of writing it is unclear if this nuclear action were taken by himself (I for one have such a nuclear plan if needed it’s called a delete button,) or that these actions were taken by the host servers at the behest of an authority of unknown source. His so-called ‘crime’ then … ‘criminal communication through social media’… yup-thats right-correct- you read that right…’criminal communication through social media’….There’s more, ‘relating to inappropriate and offensive’ Twitter posts, WTF! This is draconian censorship, fucking illiberal bollocks! Let’s make not beat about the bushes here, put simply this means that today in the UK your opinion can & will be  viewed as a crime. Thus, the criminalization & coercive censorship of thought & its expression, ‘George Orwell 1984′ please stand up!

His faux crime then was to have made comments on Twitter under his alias, comments which were allegedly to have been made about Hillsborough, Jamie Bulger, Liverpool, Liverpudlians (scousers in general,) made on the social media site Twitter. The comments which allegedly were said to be ‘offensive’ to an individual from the Liverpool area, this person an obviously overly sensitive type. (Some would say this applies to all scousers, I personally do not ascribe to this obvious bating generality, although this person has not helped the image of scousers in general & neither has the twitter storm which has blown up over this against OH supporters over the weekend, that too must be recognised.) Yet this person & others like them have taken umbrage, & have like good little unthinking tribal-collectivists have all chosen to have hurt feelings & then got very angry at some words strung together to form a sentence. That said individual thus perceived their feelings to have been maliciously hurt by such scurrilous offensive words, so dutifully like a good little informer reported OH to the plod. OH had not nor has been so arrested or charged at the time of this writing (so much for the faux crime.)

But what he said was still reported to the Police by a twit** user simply because they didn’t like what he said, as they perceived it to be ‘offensive’ simply because they did not like the content. & plod dutifully unthinking as per & duty bound duly set out to investigate. Yet what ever was said has been said & I am not here to pass judgement on what was said as I can’t, because that opportunity has been denied to me, which begs the question why have his comments been so totally removed & by whom & for what purpose? & Who stands to gain? What I am doing therefore is not supporting the content of what has been alleged, & of which I have not seen myself, indeed if such content as alleged I would have to say I too would find it personally disagreeable & indeed distasteful, but that’s my choice. Yet this is no cause for criminalising a view-point no matter how distasteful nor does it legitimise violence or threats there to. Ultimately I do stand by the maxim, I may not like what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it. Thus, what I am doing is supporting OH’s right to think, feel, write, & express what he likes, his views, his opinions as long as he is not physically harming another, & I extend such support to his supporters.

The action has left most bloggers who support free speech & individual liberty in general feeling rather angry, shaken, disturbed & chilled to the core. This is what is chilling & it is this which I find disturbing the fact that at work out in the ether there are those whom are prepared for what ever their reason, or how justified they may feel in doing so, are ready to report another person to the police simply for stringing letters together, to make up a word, which they then choose to find offensive. The police themselves are then ready to act as a heavy-handed play ground monitor & haul an individual in to the cells for questioning for making words, which somebody else has decided have hurt their delicate feelings. You really couldn’t make this shit up! A law which allows this is a bad law, it is a law so poorly conceived that every right thinking citizen has a duty to ignore such a law (oh wait I do.) Indeed I would go as far to say that some laws were meant to be broken & those laws which stifle a persons natural given right to write & express what they please are such laws which ought to be broken. For such laws are not laws for the general good they have on purpose & one purpose only to limit the rights of the individual, allowing the state to vouchsafe what may or may not be said or written.

I for one can honestly say that yes such things do concern me, but when such actions are taken they also make me very angry & determined. Indeed & as a consequence I vow that I will not be silenced by such trolling Twitter lynch mobs & other low life illiberals who can not differentiate between a persons right to say & write something, to the content of that which they write. So now let me be clear for the hard of reading, you do have a right to say what you please, but you do not have the right use the coercive powers of the state to silence views you do not like. If you so choose to resort to the state to silence a view you do not like first you lose the debate on first principles, and second that makes you a fascist, simples, you have effectively allowed yourself to become the unpaid informer of the state. All dictatorships require its network of quiet conforming compliant & unthinking informers, & it would seem that those who purposefully seek to be offended on social media are to be that network of state informants. By wilfully participating (for you do have other non state coercive choices available), this makes you anti liberal, again simples. Whether you think you are justified is neither here nor there, what you are doing is silencing a view which you have personally found to be repugnant, & you will rightly & justly be judged for that action accordingly.

Therefore it would seem that there are forces abroad & at work out in the ether, there is indeed something rotten at work, as social media is clearly & disturbingly being closed to those whose opinions & views run contrary to the accepted pc-leftist dogma of the day. Bloggers who fall foul of the approved narrative of the day are hunted by packs of demented Stasi like informers, denounced, reported to the police, criminalised & socially pariahed for having a view or for making a comment others thought inappropriate, as it offended them. To go against the vouchsafed dogma is to risk your internet blog/s & social media accounts, you even risk the safety of your family, home, your self, & even your job. That is how it begins, that is how we lose what precious little freedoms we have left, it would therefore seem that our time is now some what very short, what little of restricted speech remains that we can use is further being limited through unofficial means through the meme of ‘being offended’, backed by the coercive powers of the state.

The road we are thus embarked upon has only one destination, what ever liberties are left to us are now considered privileges by the state to be taken away upon a dubious-spurious whim, we are shifting gears. You are now shifting from low-level authoritarianism in to high gear totalitarianism, when you reach a stage where you can be denounced, hunted, reported, socially pariahed based solely upon hearsay, anecdote & hurt feelings, you have passed the point of a system of rational objective law. Once you reach that point a citizen is no more duty bound to obey such laws than a soldier is to obey an illegal order, & yes we are I fear at that point. People can meekly cower & commence self censorship of the key board & or pen or they can stand up for their natural given liberties, part of which requires them to say what the hell they like even to the point of being perceived offensive, because you can not have free speech without being offensive, it really as simple as that.

*I do know what it is supposed to mean I just think its academic definitional bollocks, a way of silencing contrary views/opinions, afterall easier to label words a faux crime rather than debate terms for that takes a critical & free thinking mind.

**Twit Any person who uses Twitter is correctly termed a Twit. I use Twitter therefore I am a Twit ;)

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Margaret Thatcher is Dead!

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

All I can say is so what! After all it is just another establishment figure in the passing, whose legacy & influence in politics which ought to have long since sailed, unfortunately remains. She didn’t prevent the expansion of the state in her tenure despite her rhetoric indeed it expanded greatly, made no move on the then EC (now another leviathan opposed freedom & democracy) despite her rhetoric & Bruges speech. In fact she did very little that she set out to do politically & or ideologically in her public statements but then she was a politican.But the reality is we should not have expected anything other, she was after all an establishmentarian through & through, & from that perspective she achieved a lot at promoting & pushing forward the establishment agenda.

Her government thus enabled & promoted the creation of today’s modern leviathan state, a state which is strongly opposed to patriotism, democracy, free markets, capitalism, sovereign independence, a national identity, & the rights & liberties of the individual. So I care not for her passing, but neither do I take satisfaction or celebrate her passing. Indeed what I do is hold her with the same contempt as do for that ‘Traitor Heath’. Of course the usual plaudits & hypocrisy will be present from commentators lauding her as a decisive yet divisive political figure (don’t they always.) & as for her myopic & deluded supporting Thatcherites well there can none better they will sing her praises, extolling again the effluvia of the mythos of her non political/ideological achievements.

No doubt they will be many, many & many more on the left celebrating with gusto & wild abandon at her passing. As I recall from my Uni days there was ‘sweepstake’ being run by the lefty establishment lecturers on Maggie, with said pot of money to go toward a party to ‘celebrate’ her passing. & that has always stuck with me, as in the end such attitudes really sum up these true believers & fellow travelling dupes. Exposing these people’s own ideological morally debased mentality & moronic & infantile outlook, & really does show them up for the kind of people they really are. Enough!

Maggie gone but not forgotten & for all the wrong reasons.

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Political Hyperbole, Media Spin, the Philpotts, and Benefits

With the furore raging over the case of Mick & Mairead Philpott, in light of all the recent hate mongering which that unique case has unleashed against welfare claimants in general, it is language which is untenable in the long-term as it gets us no where & only muddy’s the waters, acting to distract (deliberate?) And whilst people such as the Philpotts are indeed evil they are in reality an extreme & are not representative. Those whom cheat through fraud the welfare system per se are indeed criminal in their actions, yet they are not representative & are merely a symptom of a politically/ideologically corrupt, illiberal & undemocratic welfare system. And when all things are said & done are they not ultimately responsible for their own actions & behaviour? I ask this for whether it’s the vile extruded hate from the daily fail or myopic extruded apologia from the standard-bearer of the left the Grauniad, one would be forgiven in thinking that such people are indeed blameless in their actions & behaviour, either its the system’s fault or its the fault of society. It is thus a language which is unproductive & really only highlights the bigotry & contempt held against the socially economically deprived by those in positions (socio-economic) to know better. An examination of such hate is something which I raised last year in a post titled ‘A Socially Acceptable Prejudice’ not much has changed, & to be honest it is still a hate which finds acceptance amongst the populist tendency of certain sections of the British public, & it is something we can clearly see again today.

Clearly the benefit haters & politicians of all sides have jumped aboard the dual bandwagons underway, whether the bandwagon trundling along led by the Guardian defending the welfare system, although they are currently encircled by the bandwagoneers invective of universal righteous indignation led by the Daily Mail Fail Scream hating both the system, its supporters but especially those in it & only wish to see its end, no matter the cost & the attendant social & economic consequences of pulling the welfare rug. Thus, both sides have taking up their allotted positions within the current context of a faux moral panic about the welfare system & claimants therein. What we can be sure of is that both sides in this political panto have political capital to gain, they don’t give a toss about the people involved, this is merely politics & rhetorical grandstanding. The ‘vile’ Tories see an opportunity to kick Labour & the Lib Dims where it hurts most, whilst stomping down vigorously on the much maligned poor of the country. Yet! These people are poor & remain poor why? Due the policies of governments past & present, something the politically inept all too conveniently forget ignore. Of course we don’t call today’s poor the poor, no we call them benefit claimants, but poor they are, they are poor in financial terms & that is how we measure poverty.

For Labour’s part & the Lib Dims they are positioning themselves as champions of the welfare system which they perceive as a good in & of it self, how a system which keeps people in a state of servile dependency can be viewed as a benevolent good is beyond me, but that is their chosen & media allotted positions & they play it. This also allows them to play up to the fact the Tories are inherently rich & hate people on benefits, that they are still the ‘nasty’ party, no shit! Tell us something we don’t know already! This is simply playing to the lowest common & populist denominator in politics, playing up to the peoples inherent envy of those with money, or if you prefer the peoples class based jealousies. You recently saw it play out against the bankers & Murdoch’s, now its the turn of the Tories, yet again I might add.

But what is lost in all of this is a real debate about the state of the welfare system in this country, we can ask ourselves a simple question, is the welfare system we have currently a welfare system to be proud of? The answer if you are honest is a simple no. For the fact is the welfare system is not simply broken & in need of reform, it is categorically unfit for purpose, for it has over decades been expanded by the dictates of Liberal, Labour & Conservative government policies & social engineering gerrymandering beyond its original purpose, that of providing a short-term safety net for those out of work, & has for a significant proportion of those on welfare become an easy out. But I will make one clarification here, again the Philpotts are not in any way representative of the vast majority of people on welfare who are law abiding & seek to better themselves, to claim otherwise is trying to slander & prejudice those on welfare, done simply out pure ignorance & bigotry. On the other hand it ought to go without saying that there are those on benefits who do criminally abuse the system, it doesn’t help to pretend that these people do not exist, but again they are not representative of the vast majority of people on benefits. Benefits it has to be said are not illegal to claim as long as you are entitled to claim them & do not do so on a fraudulent basis. As for how long you are entitled to claim said benefits again is dependent upon how long your circumstances dictate your need claim, & what provisions are put in place to allow you to claim said benefit. In other words claiming benefits is not time dependent, you can claim as long as your entitled for as long as necessary meaning until such time as your circumstances change (if you want them to change.)

The reality though as noted above that the system of welfare in this country is not fit, where is the moral or ethical high ground in pretending otherwise. What is the purpose of a system of welfare which cultivates a culture of servile dependency? What purpose is served by those who proclaim a system which is clearly unfit to the rest of us, as being benevolent & a good, what is the purpose of a debate when the only views permitted are those which endorse the perpetuation of a system which is clearly morally & ethically moribund, illiberal, unjust & unfair to the rest of us, & serves no purpose other than keeping people in servile dependency to the state. But is that not the real reason for a system of state welfare, if you not for captive dependency of the citizens of said state. To be dependent upon the state simply means you are no longer free, that you accept that the state has full control over your life & how you ought to be living your life. It is the whole reason why we have such a state centric approach in this country, after all this is a country built on statism & collectivisation in all guises. The rationale to keep the people dependent upon the state, to make the state the very essence of their being. It’s why we have such a disproportionate chunk of the GDP going in to the public sector at a time when the private sector (corporatist as it is) is contracting, why we are seeing unemployment rising & it’s why the economy is stagnating & inflation steadily rising.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the welfare state in this country. There is something fundamentally wrong with a system of welfare which does not encourage or provide the individual with support in order to better themselves & to get off benefits to become self-reliant. A system which rather than promoting self-reliance only promotes dependency. There is something fundamentally wrong with a system of welfare which manifestly allows continued abuse of said system through fraud. There is something fundamentally wrong with a system of welfare which perpetuates & exacerbates socio-economic-political & cultural problems. And there is something terribly wrong with a welfare system which only encourages & actively promotes social divisions. If the politicians were serious in their rhetoric they would be advocating policies which would actually help people not only to come off benefits, but would give them the opportunity to become self-reliant & productive. The fact none of the political parties or their fellow travellers in the media are advocating such policies ought to tell all you need to know about the true intent of the political class which is to misdirect & obfuscate. The so-called debate we are seeing being played is simply mere political theatre, sensationalized by our inept media in to opposing sides because that makes it easier for them. The problem is not the welfare claimant, the problem is a system which perpetuates welfare dependency, the problem is a political class which uses welfare to further their own political ends & vested power interests. The problem rests with those sheeple whom continually vote in to office the status quo politicians & their mainstream political parties (not that outsider parties would do any better) whose own social engineering social policies perpetuate this ongoing perennial state of affairs, which those same simple indeed sheeple continually berate & bemoan.

It is therefore clear to any honest observer & commentator is that not only is the welfare system unfit for purpose, but those charged with its over sight are themselves unfit to run it, nor can they be trusted with it. Politicians, the public sector ultimately do not care about the people, they only care about their own interests & those interests require them to be in power, from where they are able to protect their own vested self interests. The welfare system is simply a means to that end, it is a tool through which state power is exercised, perpetuated & thus the power & control over the people by the political class. The mass of the unemployed, the benefit claimants in practice means a captive clientele of servile state dependents, providing the façade through which big govt/big state intervention is justified, & indeed ultimately legitimized. It is a system contrived of by those who seek to marginalize the people, to ensure the people are not free to exercise their liberty, to ensure that the people are not free to act in the pursuit of their own interests, but tying them to the dual interests of the state & political class.

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The Eastleigh By Election: An Observation

Say No To The Politics Of The Status Quo

Say No To The Politics Of The Status Quo

So the political class had themselves a little by-election down there in Eastleigh. Now with the mainstream media falling over themselves with their post-election analyses…blah blah…& once more totally missing the point viz results versus outcomes & what they actually mean focusing upon the trivia & misdirection telling us what they want us to focus on. As for the results, the Lib Dem’s hold on to the seat although their share of the vote is reduced, giving them 32% of the available totalling a paltry 13,342 from an eligible to vote constituency of 78, 313. Meaning in terms of outcomes is that the Libdims now have a mandate of 17% of the electorate, this then is their dear leader’s foundation where he claims that such numbers to be a ‘stunning victory’… really! Or just mere political rhetorical hyperbole? Yet even here all is not as it seems compared to the last turnout the Libdim vote is itself down on the last incumbent. The reality of such poor numbers is that they hardly a mandate make. Labour’s collapse in the vote receiving a mere 4,088, UKIP coming second with over 11,000+ of the vote giving them 28%, or 14.8 % share of the electorate. Conservatives coming third with 10,000+ (source for Eastleigh By-Election Results by Richard North EU Referendum.) For example, we can not alone by this election result predict a General Election outcome which is still two years out, nor does this election result change the political dynamics within parliament let alone the wider political map despite what the pundits & politicians would like us to believe & tell us to think. Indeed by elections of this sort by their very nature are poor canaries for such faux predictive faux analytical hyperbole, what we can say is that politics in the UK will go on as before as nothing of import has changed. So get over yourselves UKIP you came second again, in twenty years in the game & this is the best you can do, seriously?

We therefore may want to pause & ponder critically, what do the numbers actually mean in terms of the turnout, well if you’re looking for an actual meaning an observation as it were, the numbers alone do not really tell us much that we do not already know, in that with every passing election there continues to be a democratic void which widens, where there continues to be unequal democratic representation, due to poor voter turnout in that turnouts continues to be low & are getting lower with every election. What is significant about these numbers is that the continuing low turnouts in elections whether local, a by-election & or General Election are simply not getting better despite how the numbers & political rhetoric try to dress the results up. Indeed I think it is fair to say a democratic crisis is but round the corner, if we are not already in one. Thus, the politicians claim to a democratic legitimacy are spurious claims indeed, their mandates only reflective of a minority % of those whom voted whether taken locally, regionally or nationally. Where a significant % proportion of a given population whom are eligible to vote not only continue to fail to turnout to vote at any given election (& that number, those who continue to withhold their vote) can be expected to continue to rise: people it would be fair to say have  seemingly totally disengaged themselves from the current political system & processes & for good legitimate reasons. These are thus indications of a broken politics across the spectrum, local, regional & national we are seeing the people turn away from the entrenched politics of the establishment, rejecting the status quo, sticking their two fingers up at the political class, suggesting strongly that the necessary political consent of the people has been lost. Highlighting as it does the continuing failure of the political class not only to reach out to the people & connect with them, but failing to engage in any meaningful or substantive way with the people necessary to get their messages over to the people. The political class are simply failing to convince people into the voting booth, to use their vote, the ballot boxes are thus half empty, as more & more people now see through the charade of this faux democracy & refuse to partake in the great lie. What Eastleigh & other recent elections therefore teach us is that the political system in the UK is inherently unfit for purpose. What we have is a political system which is inherently undemocratic (not representative) & because of the seeming wide acceptance of postal voting fraud, the acceptance so-called ‘safe seats’ (the modern ‘rotten borough’) inherently corrupted. Because the political system here in the UK as I have often stated is a political system by the political class for the political class.

Eastleigh simply stated then is a failure of the mainstream political parties to reach out to the people, the voter. They have failed to sell their messages, this result is then further supporting evidence of the continuing disintegration of the legitimacy of the political class, it is their failure, their defeat & theirs alone. The lessons to be learned are therefore simple, the experiment that was representative democracy has failed & continues to fail shown by the continuing low voter turnouts, these results & others like them are equally also the defeats of social democracy. The people have clearly rejected and continue to reject the status quo, the people are clearly rejecting the charade of this faux democratic representation & its illiberal social democratic model. With every election we witness a defeat of the political class & their politics, it really is time for a new politics in this country a politics for all the people & not just a few.

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