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Link to the New Blog Commentaries Once more thank you to those who followed this blog.

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Changes To the Blog

Okay again been away too long (*cough* again) and not really done anything blog wise, apparent considering it was January since I last posted anything. Well the world turns and the crap keeps on coming yet no comment, so no lame excuses here- just an acknowledgement of a lack of motivation, procrastination and life, this blog I am afraid to say is going to die, which is the way of most blogs today, as I think that would be better than trying to hang to something out of nostalgia.

I aim to carry on with this blog but not here; I have a direction, a theme in mind and this blog as of today has served its purpose and will from today be relegated as the Archive.

Today there are processes currently underway, forces at work which are beyond control, changes being made to the very fabric of our societies. All this needs documenting and can not be allowed to pass without comment let alone without an opinion expressed, and that is what I aim to do but on a new blog. If you followed this blog and would wish to continue to do so then please by all means to follow me over on my new blog, the link of which I shall be posting shortly.

So thank you for following and I hope to meet some of you again and the new blog, and yes I am staying with WordPress.

UK Media and the Censorship of Charlie Hebdo

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Standing Up For Free Expression

I am Charlie

I am Charlie

Standing Up for Free Speech and Free Thought.

Standing Against Islāmic Terrorism and the Jihaddi barbarians.

Standing Against Mainstream Media and the Establishment Political Class policy of appeasement in the face of terror. Continue reading

Freedom of Expression is not the Enemy

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day - Mohammed by Hlkolaya

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day – Mohammed by Hlkolaya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cartoons depicting a man and or ridiculing a religion, religious iconography, religious prophets/Messiah’s, religious tenets are not the problem. Continue reading

Islamic Terrorism: Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

I am Charlie

I am Charlie

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo: I am Charlie, you see Charlie isn’t dead, despite the shill cry of the demented Jihadi murderer for Charlie Hebdo lives today as Charlie Hebdo shall continue to live onward’s from today.

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